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First Choice/Dunn & Bradstreet/Castrol

Sampson Tyrell commissioned me to write a series of marketing brochures highlighting the commercial effectiveness of their design work, focusing on three particular clients.

First Choice, for instance, had been labouring under the pedestrian name of Owners Abroad. However, a fresh, dynamic name and graphic identity led to a 42% increase in bookings within the first three months of launch.

Dunn & Bradstreet’s new pan-European branding and Castrol’s novel identity management system were also effective. Both companies experienced better branding, cost savings and positive attitudinal changes by employees and customers.

A substantial amount of research was required – with the designers and their clients – in order to write the copy. Good design can produce both obvious and sometimes more subtle results so it’s important to tease out all the threads in order to tell the full story.

Brochure covers and inside pages Castrol

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