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Tales of a Type Calendar

It's not often you get to brief yourself but that's what happened with this calendar. I had been wondering what the world's great typefaces would tell us if they were free to relate their own stories rather than being the bearers of other people's thoughts.

I discussed the idea with fellow writer Francis Glibbery and designer Robert Barkshire at communications consultancy, Creative Ampersand. We decided we'd provide the answer and use the results to promote our skills.

What started as a series of tales and complementary graphic styles, developed into an intriguing thirteen-month, desk-top calendar. Highlighting twenty-six typefaces whose names begin with the letters of the alphabet – and frequently taking a tongue-in-cheek approach and irreverent stance – the Tales of a Type tell the stories of some of our best-known fonts, from American Typewriter to Zapf Dingbats. An extra story from a suitably creative ampersand brings the calendar to its timely conclusion.

Creative Ampersand Calendar Rockwell Pantin Din

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