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One-to-one, bespoke training is fantastically effective at improving someone’s skills in a very short time because it focuses on their needs alone.

Jeanette’s manager regularly asked her to draft communications on his behalf. However, he didn’t always like what she produced and would heavily edit her work. Not only was this a waste of time for both parties but it was also demoralising for Jeanette.

I looked at her drafts and talked with her about what she – and I - saw as the problems. Between us we identified that she needed to understand the hierarchy of a message (what needed saying and what didn’t), plan her writing and then write simply, accurately and briefly. This is exactly what we worked on over a single day via a series of targeted exercises.

She was keen to learn and quickly came to grips with the changes she needed to make. Perhaps, even more importantly, her confidence rose rapidly as she acquired and applied new skills.

One-to-one training

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