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Brilliant Writing Open Workshop

Who’s it for

This half day workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their writing – from email, letters, strategy and briefing documents to journalism, press releases, web copy and brochures. Whatever your skill level, this course will enhance your written communications.

What you’ll learn

Good writing requires clarity of thought – knowing what you want to say, why you want to say it and who you are saying it to. Through a series of hands-on, practical exercises, you’ll learn good rules, tips and techniques. This includes how to:

What people have said

“Really good. It was constructive, hands-on and very relevant.”

“Your method of tuition was very informative yet delivered in an engaging and calm way.”

“The Brilliant Writing workshop was well named. Thank you for making it so informative and fun.”

“It raised my awareness of how important it is to choose your words carefully and how you should not underestimate the time needed to achieve good written work.”

“It has motivated me to go away and rethink my approach to writing.”

“Thank you for a really informative and enjoyable morning. I was writing emails yesterday and noticed how much I use the ‘passive’. I immediately went back and corrected myself. So the morning’s training is already paying off.”

“I have a much clearer idea about how to write effectively and am looking forward to putting the ideas into practice.”

For more information, contact me via the email link at the top of the page.

Hester Thomas – Brilliant Writing Open Workshop

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