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There’s always room to improve your writing skills – whether or not you’re a trained writer. I offer both bespoke and standard Brilliant Writing Open Workshops. The latter provides key skills that every person needs in order to write well. For bespoke training, I’ll look at your writing and talk with you to agree what you need. Then I’ll devise a suitable training programme. 

I train people to write in Plain English – simply, clearly and succinctly. What you’ll learn is applicable to all types of writing and it is sufficiently flexible to capture the tone or ‘voice’ of any brand.

I’m happy to train groups (preferably between six and ten people) or work on a one-to-one basis. That can be for a half day or day session, a short ‘taster’ of just 90 minutes, or a regular slot over several weeks.

We all learn by doing so I train using hands-on exercises. I’m keen that people put their newly learned skills into practise. So, I encourage participants to bring a piece of work in progress with them and then start to improve it. I provide feedback and, since most people’s writing improves when they’re given encouragement, confidence levels soar.

If you’d like more information on training, visit Brilliant Writing Open Workshops or contact me via the email link at the top of the page.

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