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What Clients Say

“A very big thank you for all your hard work. Last night [winning four golds in the Design Effectiveness Awards] was a fantastic achievement. Enjoy the flowers!”
Mary and Robert, Lewis Moberly

“Hester, many thanks for your help with the current issue.”
Matti Ojanen, editor, source magazine, AstraZeneca

“Thanks so much for the feature. I’ve just read it and it’s fab as usual. I think it will inspire a lot of people to go and take a look at the [Hadrian: Empire and Conflict] exhibition.”
Lisa Davison, editor, BP Magazine

“Thanks Hester. An excellent article and one I am delighted with.”
Ian Duffy, business advisor, UK social and community affairs, BP International

“Many thanks for this. It’s a very well written and lucid article.”
Simon Rothon, senior vice president of marketing services, Unilever

“A very hasty note to say I think your Food for Life article is excellent – a sensible, informative and very well written account.”
Andrew Broadbent, editor, Unilever Magazine

“Tell Hester I appreciate what a good job she did, and how enjoyable it was to talk with her in the interview.”
Jonathan Peck, president of the Institute for Alternative Futures

“You’ve written brilliant copy and have an editor’s eye for detail – which is great for me.”
Russ Whitfield, web editor, BP International

“Once again, many thanks for helping us with the Interview Day. I know the girls were delighted to be given such a detailed interview with so much insight. I had an email from a mum who said her daughter was positively buzzing when she came home.”
Ruth Hibberd, careers coordinator, Blackheath High School, London

“Hester interviewed me for an article in BP Frontiers magazine. She was excellent at making me feel relaxed enough to speak freely and I was very impressed with her attention to detail. The final article was well structured and a good representation. Thank you!”
Sandra Eager, technology manager, BP

“We are both writers and I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Hester on copywriting assignments over the years. She always brings a high degree of professionalism to projects along with a creative approach and attention to detail.”
Sue Evans, principal, Writing Design Communication

“Hester is a highly intelligent and perceptive writer who gets quickly to the heart of the matter. I found working with her a great pleasure and was impressed by her efficiency and dedication to her clients.”
Tiffany Foster, communications director, Design and Art Direction (D&AD)

“Hester has a clear-eyed approach to her work as a copywriter and journalist. She knows both who she is writing to and who she is writing for. Thus, the messages get through. She is also a skilled editor and teacher, with a knack for improving other people’s work and getting the best out of others who may be unsure of their own ability.”
Francis Glibbery, freelance writer and co-founder of Creative Ampersand

“Hester is a skilled editor who always manages to improve our work and get the best results for our clients. She is also a skilled teacher and gets her messages across to all trainees.”
Cosma Papouis, director, Cosma Papouis Technology Services


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